Beckham on Netflix: «I never got along with Queiroz»

A documentary series has already premiered and coach Portuguese is one of the protagonists, with the former star revealing that he didn’t even know who he was when he arrived at Manchester

The documentary series Beckham, on Netflix, is making a splash. The streaming service’s production reveals several episodes of the career of the English star who is now in charge of Messi’s Inter Miami, and there is a Portuguese protagonist in the many stories told by the former number seven: Carlos Queiroz.

Beckham met Queiroz at Manchester United when he was Sir Alex Ferguson’s assistant and then at Real Madrid in the era of the Galacticos, Zidane, Figo, Roberto Carlos, Beckham, Ronaldo phenomenon…

Beckham arrived in Madrid in the same year that Carlos Queiroz was appointed coach of the Merengues in 2003. He confesses in the documentary that, when Queiroz arrived in Manchester the previous year, he «never got along» with the Portuguese and even had doubts about his abilities.

“Carlos Queiroz, who I didn’t know anything about, I didn’t know anything, we didn’t understand how he got in [at Manchester United], but he did. I never got along with him,” Beckham confessed in the series.

It also includes an original interview with Queiroz, where he recalls the beginning of a new era in football, when players began to transform themselves into image and marketing companies, profiting from advertising. It all started with a famous ad for Pepsi…

“From our observations and analyses, we began to feel that David was in the process of decline. I was furious at the situation. But what is going on», recalled Queiroz. “In 2003, players like Beckham are not just footballers, they are companies. It’s a struggle between what happens on and off the field. At that time, the business entered the field», he added.

But Beckham disputed that view.

“I would never have put myself professionally in a position that would change the way I play,” said the Englishman.