Filipe Martins: “We were not at our best in the first half”

After the end of the match in Barcelos, against Gil Vicente (2-0), the coach of Casa Pia, Filipe Martins, recognized the bad entrance of his team and addressed the throw of the expulsion of Pablo Roberto, which complicated the accounts of the Lisbon formation.

Remember the main incidences of the match

“We weren’t at our best in the first half. We didn’t go in well, we were too far away, and we let Gil Vicente out of the pressure zones. At half-time, we had the feeling that we could have done better and we went into the second half better. But when we were discussing the game, there was an expulsion that left us reduced to ten. We still tried to adjust, but we conceded the goal shortly after,” the geese said.

“Our mission has become more complicated, not least because it is not easy against a good team, with good individual values like Gil Vicente. The opponent knew how to guard the ball well and the victory settles him well. We were somewhat disappointed with what we did,” he added.

“We’ve been giving a good physical response and that’s not why we haven’t been well. It would be very immature to pass that on to the physical state and this team has proven otherwise.”