The Frenchman speaks directly about Marciniak and the Euro 2024 final

The Frenchman speaks directly about Marciniak and the Euro 2024 final

– Marciniak and Letexier are at a similar level. Maybe the Pole wasn’t chosen because he recently refereed the World Cup final? Letexier deserved to get the most important match of Euro 2024 – AFP journalist Emmanuel Barranguet tells 100 percent sure wins.

On Thursday, UEFA revealed its cards regarding the refereeing staff for the Euro 2024 final . The nomination of Francois Letexier and his team is a surprise. After Daniele Orsato was sent back to Italy and England advanced to the final, which excluded Michael Oliver from the line-up, Clement Turpin and Szymon Marciniak were considered the main favourites to referee the clash in Berlin. Did UEFA make the right decision?

– Letexier is a better referee than Turpin and the best French referee in general. I think he deserves to be in the final. There is no referee who doesn’t make mistakes, but so far it’s been a successful tournament for him. He has good contact with the players, he feels the game. Above all, he remains calm regardless of what’s happening on the pitch. This coolness is his great asset. Apart from that, he is a more open referee than Turpin when it comes to communication – analyses Emmanuel Barranguet, an AFP reporter who worked at the tournament with the French national team.

The Euro final is the only major match that Marciniak has not refereed yet. He has already refereed the World Cup finals (2022), the Champions League finals (2023), the Club World Cup finals (2023), and the European Super Cup finals (2018).

– I think Letexier and Marciniak are at a similar level. They are at the top. It is hard to say who is better, because there is no Golden Ball among referees. Perhaps the lack of nomination for the Pole was influenced by the fact that he got the final at the World Cup in Qatar and now UEFA wanted to give someone else a chance? During the most important match of the World Cup, between France and Argentina, he did well. Some decisions were discussed, but Marciniak did not distort the result, and this is crucial in the case of a referee’s performance – concludes Barranguet.

The final match of the European Championships Spain – England will start on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.