He took the semi-final away from Germany? “The most obvious hand I’ve ever seen”

He took the semi-final away from Germany? “The most obvious hand I’ve ever seen”

Anthony Taylor did not gain much fame after refereeing the match between Spain and Germany in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024. The referee’s performance was criticized by, among others, Zbigniew Boniek, who did not hide his indignation in the program “Prada Futbolu”.

The first quarter-final of Euro 2024 , in which Germany faced Spain, was called a “premature final”. The first half provided a lot of excitement, but did not produce any goals. The score in the 51st minute was opened by Dani Olmo , and the passing minutes brought Jose Luis De La Fuente’s players closer to promotion. In the 89th minute, however , Florian Wirtz  scored the goal that kept the hosts in the game . The fate of Spain’s promotion was decided by Mikel Merino’s goal  in the 119th minute.

The main referee in this duel was Anthony Taylor . The Englishman will certainly want to forget this performance as soon as possible. He showed himself from a very bad side, especially in two situations. Already in the opening fragments he did not punish Toni Kroos  for a foul on Pedri , which caused the midfielder to have to leave the pitch in the 8th minute.

In the 106th minute, he did not award a penalty after Marc Cucurella touched  the ball with his hand in the penalty area after a shot on goal by Jamal Musiala . Taylor did not even stop the game, which caused great indignation in the home team. Pundits also thundered, clearly stating that the Germans should have been awarded a penalty.

Among them was the former president of the Polish Football Association, Zbigniew Boniek . In the program “Prawda Futbolu” he expressed a very critical opinion about the English referee. – For me, Taylor is not a good referee. He sometimes makes mistakes. He had a very difficult year in the Premier League. I think they even dismissed him – he summed up directly.

He also referred to a controversial situation from the match between Spain and Germany. – For me, there is no discussion. There is a penalty here. But this is my personal opinion. For me, there is no penalty if the hand is along the body, but it is close to the body, and not if the hand enlarges the area of ​​the player’s body.  For me, this is the most obvious hand I have ever seen in my life – assessed the former president of the Polish Football Association.

There was also a reference to Kroos’ foul on Pedri, which caused the Spaniard to suffer a knee injury. Boniek stated that if Taylor had been meticulous in refereeing, the German should have left the pitch after fifteen minutes. The former player also added that the referee’s decisions introduced unnecessary nervousness and he should not have been given such an important match.