Gil Vicente’s coach returns to a place where he was happy

Last season, Vítor Campelos led Chaves to 7th place in the championship

The coach of Gil Vicente returns, next Saturday, to a place where he is happy. The Roosters have played in Chaves, home of Vítor Campelos for the past two and a half seasons. The coach ascended the Flavian class to the I Liga and, in the main echelon of national football, won the 7th place, adding 46 points.

For the championship, the Roosters have not won in Chaves for 30 years. The last triumph came in May 1993, Vítor Oliveira was the coach of the Barcelenses, and Drulovic scored one of the goals. After that, the teams only met in minor divisions and met again last season.

Chaves won, by 3-1, in the reception to Gil Vicente. The Gilistas even went on to win, Fran Navarro’s goal, but, after the expulsion of Adrián Marín, the Flavienses turned around the marker. Joao Mendes (2) and Jonny Arriba were the service scorers.

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