“I feel something.” This is how Pudzianowski commented on the Poles’ first match

“I feel something.” This is how Pudzianowski commented on the Poles’ first match

Mariusz Pudzianowski is famous for his sharp tongue and is not afraid to criticize Polish athletes after poor performances. Check out how he reacted to the national team’s defeat against the Netherlands at Euro 2024.

At the inauguration of Euro 2024,  the Polish national team  performed well, but ultimately lost to the Netherlands  1:2. The decisive goal for the winners was scored at the end of the match, and the White and Reds were unable to respond.

Mariusz Pudzianowski decided to comment after the match . The 5-time strongman world champion and MMA fighter often criticized the national team’s players after poor matches, but now, despite the defeat, he decided to praise them.

“Defeats in the opening match were always about finding someone to blame, but now it is a bit different. We appreciate hard work in every field – even in football. We are finally fighting and not counting on luck,” wrote “Pudzian”.

There were also quotes for which the 47-year-old is famous. “Our team showed that they don’t sell cheap and are able to beat favored teams. We are happy with the loss… but it was a loss in good style,” he noted.

Pudzianowski is also optimistic about the next matches of the national team. Let us remind you that on Friday, June 21, the White and Reds will face Austria, and 5 days later against France. “I have a feeling that we will show something else with Austria or even France,” he concluded.

Pudzianowski added a photomontage to the entry. You can see the stadium in Hamburg, where the last match was played, and “Pudzian” sitting dignified in an armchair: