The Madrid derby with prospects for Lunin, CAN-2024 and a busy weekend. Football schedule for January 15 – 21

The first month of the year immediately gave us a big tournament of national teams. Undoubtedly, the African Cup of Nations in Ukraine is not as popular as the European or World Championships, but there are still enough interesting events there. By the way, there is also the Asian Cup, which is worth paying attention to. At the same time, national competitions do not stop, where the cup is a priority in the middle of the week, and there will be championships on the weekend. We can see Andriy Lunin’s game against Atletico. Read about this and much more in the selection below.


Monday, January Fifteenth

Another match of the 20th round of Serie A will be played. In Portugal, we recommend paying attention to the match with the participation of “Arouca”, for which our Bogdan Mylovanov plays. Senegal, Cameroon and Algeria will start at CAN 2024. South Korea will play at the Asian Cup on this day.

  • South Korea – Bahrain. 13:30. Asian Cup
  • Senegal – Gambia. 16:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Cameroon – Guinea. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Atalanta – Frozione. 21:45. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Algeria – Angola. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • “Guimarães” – “Arouca”. 22:15. Primeira Liga. MEGOGO


Tuesday, January Sixteenth

In England, the cup relay will continue. We will be most interested in the Brentford match on Tuesday – there is an opportunity to see Yegor Yarmolyuk. In the Italian championship, the formidable and eminent Juventus will play, in Spain, Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao attract attention, which continue to fight for cup recognition. And CAN-2024 – Tunisia, Mali, South Africa and the like.

It also makes sense to turn your attention to an interesting cup match in Belgium – Gent vs Club Brugge.

  • Burkina Faso – Mauritania. 16:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Tunisia – Namibia. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Saudi Arabia – Oman. 19:30. Asian Cup
  • Getafe – Sevilla. 21:00. Copa del Rey. MEGOGO
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers – Brentford. 21:30. FA Cup. Setanta Sports
  • Juventus vs Sassuolo. 21:45. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Gent – Club Brugge. 21:45. Belgian Cup
  • Mali – South Africa. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Athletic Bilbao – Alaves. 22:00. Copa del Rey. MEGOGO


Wednesday, the seventeenth of January

Girona continue to surprise not only in the Spanish championship, but also in the national cup. On Wednesday, the Catalans will try to get past Rayo Vallecano. Almost at the same time, there will be a match with the participation of our Roman Yaremchuk’s Valencia. In England, we can see Vitaliy Mykolenko playing for Everton. And why not add a twist in the form of a women’s El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona?

  • Morocco – Tanzania. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • FC Barcelona vs FC Real Madrid. 20:00. Spanish Super Cup (women). YouTube
  • Valencia – Celta Vigo. 21:00. Copa del Rey. MEGOGO
  • Everton vs Crystal Palace. 21:45. FA Cup. Setanta Sports
  • DR Congo – Zambia. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Osasuna – Real Sociedad. 22:00. Copa del Rey. MEGOGO
  • Girona – Rayo Vallecano. 22:30. Copa del Rey. MEGOGO


Thursday, the eighteenth of January

Oh, and there will be a match here. Atlético vs Real Madrid. Of course, we expect Andrey Lunin to come out, but even if we do without him, it will be interesting. The Madrid derby will draw all the attention, but let’s not forget about CAN 2024, where there will be very bright matches between Ivory Coast and Nigeria, as well as Egypt and Ghana. The program is intense.

  • Syria – Australia. 13:30. Asian Cup
  • India – Uzbekistan. 16:30. Asian Cup
  • Equatorial Guinea – Guinea-Bissau. 16:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Côte d’Ivoire – Nigeria. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Palestine – UAE. 19:30. Asian Cup
  • “Unionistas de Salamanca – FC Barcelona. 20:30. Copa del Rey. MEGOGO
  • Napoli – Fiorentina. 21:00. Italian Super Cup. MEGOGO
  • Egypt – Ghana. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO


Friday, January Nineteenth

The next rounds in La Liga and Bundesliga will begin. CAS 2024 will continue. We also recommend paying attention to the Italian Super Cup, where Inter and Lazio will play. As always, we do not deprive Benfica, which, probably, will not oppose Boavista without Anatoly Trubin.

  • Iraq – Japan. 13:30. Asian Cup
  • Cape Verde – Mozambique. 16:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Vietnam – Indonesia. 16:30. Asian Cup
  • Senegal – Cameroon. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Hong Kong – Iran. 19:30. Asian Cup
  • Inter – Lazio. 21:00. Italian Super Cup. MEGOGO
  • “Iain” – “Union”. 21:30. Bundesliga. Setanta Sports
  • Guinea – Gambia. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • “Alaves” – “Cádiz”. 22:00. Primera. MEGOGO
  • Benfica – Boavista. 22:15. Primeira Liga. MEGOGO


Saturday, January 20th

There will be few Premier League games this week – Saturday will partially compensate for this with two matches with the potential participation of the Ukrainians. Zinchenko could play for Arsenal and Yarmolyuk could play for Brentford. We really hope that by Saturday Yaremchuk will definitely recover and play for Valencia. There will be a lot of football in Germany, we pay attention to the battle between Leipzig and Bayer.

  • Arsenal – Crystal Palace. 14:30. EPL. Setanta Sports
  • Algeria – Burkina Faso. 16:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • FC Köln – Borussia Dortmund D. 16:30. Bundesliga. Setanta Sports
  • Roma – Verona. 19:00. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Mauritania – Angola. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Brentford – Nottingham. 19:30. EPL. Setanta Sports
  • Valencia – Athletic Bilbao. 19:30. Primera. MEGOGO
  • Bayer Leverkusen – Leipzig. 19:30. Bundesliga. Setanta Sports
  • Udinese – AC Milan. 21:45. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Tunisia – Mali. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO


Sunday, January 21st

Barcelona and Real Madrid return to the Spanish championship after a cup tour. Girona will play against the crisis-ridden Sevilla. In the Premier League, Ilya Zabarnyi will try to stop Liverpool’s formidable attack. In Italy, the teams of Malinovskyi and Kovalenko will play against teams that do not shine – you can prove yourself. A good sign in Germany is Bayern Munich vs Werder Bremen.

  • Sheffield v West Ham. 16:00. EPL. Setanta Sports
  • Empoli – Monza. 16:00. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Morocco – DR Congo. 16:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Bayern Munich – Werder Bremen. 16:30. Bundesliga. Setanta Sports
  • Real Madrid – Almeria. 17:15. Primera. MEGOGO
  • Bournemouth – Liverpool. 18:30. EPL. Setanta Sports
  • Clermont – Strasbourg. 18:30. Coupe de France. MEGOGO
  • “Salerinatan” – “Genoa”. 19:00. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Zambia – Tanzania. 19:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO
  • Real Betis – Barcelona. 19:30. Primera. MEGOGO
  • Lecce – Juventus. 21:45. Serie A. MEGOGO
  • Girona – Sevilla. 22:00. Primera. MEGOGO
  • South Africa – Namibia. 22:00. CAN-2024. MEGOGO