The Wolves’ new coach is also French

In statements to A BOLA federation revealed that it wants a line of continuity in the work of the Wolves, does not reveal the name of Lagisquet’s replacement, but has already invited Luís Pissarra and João Mirra to remain in the technical structure

Patrice Lagisquet, the national coach who will lead Portugal’s XV against Fiji on Sunday in Toulouse, announced on Wednesday in an interview with Lusa that he would step down as Wolves after the World Cup for family reasons.

The departure of the coach, in office since June 2019, is “a non-issue”, for Luís Pissarra, assistant coach, who recalled the occurrence of these changes that usually arise at the end of major competitions and competitive cycles.

“It’s a situation we already knew and we’ve been living with. I know the Portuguese Rugby Federation [FPR] would like him to continue, there were those conversations, but he wants to go on with his life, enter a different period, and has already committed himself to his family.”

According to a federation source, Lagisquet, although invited, “did not want to stay.” The new strongman of the Wolves will also be of “French nationality”. He will work “docked” in a structure under the head of selections, Julien Bardy, vice president of the FPR and wolf on 24 occasions. “The bet is a line of continuity” in the structure in which Luís Pissarra and João Mirra “have the invitation to continue”, stressed the same source.