Vítor Campelos: “We always had control of the match, against a well-worked opponent”

After the end of the match in Barcelos, against Casa Pia (2-0), the coach of Gil Vicente, Vítor Campelos, highlighted the difficulty of the challenge to praise the conquest of the three points.

“We came into the game well, against a team with well-assimilated processes, who had only conceded four goals until this matchday. (Casa Pia) is an organized team that does well on the counter-attack, so we had to be very balanced. In the first half, we needed to be more incisive in the last third,” said Campelos.

Remember the main incidences of the match

“At half-time, we said we had to improve in that area, and I think we ended up playing a good game, with a fair win. We always had control of the match, against a well-worked opponent. We are pleased with our performance,” he added

“In the two wins we’ve had so far, we’ve scored five goals in each game. We are a team that looks to play well and with that, we are closer to winning. We also tried to value the players. We always try to have an attractive football, but we know that we do not play alone and if you look at the table you can see that everything is very balanced.”