Wisła resigned from the team. Medical tests were negative for him

On the last day of the transfer window in Poland, Richard Boateng was to join Wisła Kraków. However, this will not happen because the 30-year-old has not passed medical tests.

Wisła Kraków was quite active during the winter transfer window, although the club’s president initially assured that this would not be the case.

Dejvi Bregu, Anton Cziczkan, Karol Dziedzic and Billel Omrani joined the team. There was supposed to be a fifth transfer. Richard Boateng, who played for Israeli Hapoel Petach Tikva in the fall, showed up in Krakow, but he played in only two matches. He missed practically the entire round due to injury. “Gazeta Krakowska” reported that he was to sign a contract until the end of the season with an extension option.

However, this will not happen because some problems occurred during the medical tests. The mentioned source emphasizes that Wisła also asked for additional medical consultations, but these also did not go according to the player’s expectations.

The club has decided not to sign a contract with him, said coach Albert Rude briefly at a press conference.

But he didn’t want to say anything more. And the Spaniard was an advocate of bringing Boateng to Wisła.

On Wednesday, Wisła will play against Widzew Łódź in the quarter-final match of the Fortuna Polish Cup. Theoretically, all new players will be available for this match.

– Billel has already completed his first training session. He looked good and is ready to play, but we have to give him some time. There is a similar situation with Karol, said coach Rude.

Among others For this reason, Alvaro Raton will probably be in Wisła’s goal again in Wednesday’s match, and Cziczkan will have to wait for his chance.


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