Leila doubts that Corinthians will earn more in sponsorships on the jersey than Palmeiras

Leila Pereira gave her first interview after Palmeiras’ elimination against Boca Juniors in the semi-finals of the Libertadores The conversation with the press went smoothly until a question about the sponsorship values of rival Corinthians left the president of Verdão upset.

“I can’t say that a club’s jersey is R$123 million ($23 million), have you seen the contract? You didn’t see it. So how can you say that a club’s shirt is worth R$ 123 million (23 million euros) because they said it?”, questioned Leila Pereira who, soon after, fired.

“Show me the paper, and I’ll pay R$123 million ($23 million). I want you to prove that these companies pay R$ 123 million (23 million euros) per year,” added the president of Palmeiras.

The figures were displayed in a report on the website Ge.com on Wednesday. Palmeiras, according to the survey, would have earned R$ 81 million (15 million euros) with the sponsorship of Crefisa on its shirt.

Corinthians, on the other hand, would have reached R$ 123 million (23 million euros) with the sponsorships stamped on their game shirt. The difference in values is something that the Palmeiras fans have been demanding in recent months, questioning whether the amounts paid by Crefisa would not be out of step with the current market.

Crefisa has been the main sponsor of Palmeiras since 2015. Leila has already said that the company will fulfill the contract it has with the São Paulo club until the end of the agreement signed between the parties.

“We have a contract and we will honor it until the end,” he said.

She, however, admitted that, if she continues to lead Palmeiras since she will seek re-election, she will agree to open a competition to listen to other companies interested in stamping their brand in the prime area of the Verdão uniform.