Barcelona youngster ‘disappeared’ for 10 minutes in the match against FC Porto: what happened to Yamal?

The 16-year-old creative left the pitch in the 71st minute, retired to the dressing room, and was only substituted… at 80′

It was a detail that may have gone unnoticed by most fans, but it certainly left Xavi in a nervous heap. During the FC Porto-Barcelona (01) this Thursday, in the group stage of the Champions League, the Catalan team had one less player on the field for almost 10 minutes, all because the young Lamine Yamal retired to the dressing rooms in the 71st minute due to… to an indisposition.

According to the Spanish press, the 16-year-old creative, who was part of Xavi’s starting 11, felt unwell during the second half. Ronald Araújo was on the ground for a few minutes to receive medical assistance and ‘buy time’ to try to get his teammate to return to the pitch, but the truth is that this did not happen. In the 2nd minute, the Barcelona coach decided to replace Yamal, bringing on Marcos Alonso. The extreme… He didn’t even return to the pitch.