Liga 3: Felgueiras and Covilhã do not disarm and lead their respective series

The eighth round confirmed that the leaders of both series remain isolated. Atlético CP confirms a good moment in the South and continues in pursuit of Covilhã.

Serie A

Vianense 1-2 Felgueiras

Agostinho Bento’s team added the fourth consecutive victory and remains at the top of the standings. In Viana do Castelo, Domingos Andrade (18 minutes) put the visitors ahead, Nuno Barbosa (51 minutes) still gave hope to the home team, who occupied the last place, but Kazuki Taka (72 minutes) came off the bench to seal the victory.

Trofense 1-1 Canelas 2010

The fast of victories for both sides continues, in a match marked by many yellows (nine cautions). Francisco Sousa (31 minutes) put Canelas ahead, and Berna Couta (47 minutes) secured a point for the visitors.

Lusitânia Lourosa 4-0 Anadia

The duel between two teams vying for the top places that were expected to be balanced, but ended up having a completely unbalanced second half. Fábio Fortes converted a penalty on the way back from the dressing room, Mika Borges (54 minutes) finished a counterattack, Nandinho (88 minutes) and Ivanildo Nhaga (90 minutes) gave expression to the victory.

Varzim 2-1 Sanjoanense

The Poveiros returned to triumphs. Joca (39 minutes) and Rui Areias (58 minutes) gave expression to the dominance of Vítor Paneira’s team. Marcelo Santos (72 minutes) pulled one back for the São João da Madeira side in a more emotional end to the game, with Ricardo Nunes forced into important interventions.

Fafe 0-0 SC Braga B

The only null to the north. The match was lively, both teams had chances to get the scoreboard moving, but no one had their aim sharpened. Richard Santos hit the bar in the 69th minute, in the best opportunity of the game that went to Fafe.

Serie B

Académica 0-2 Covilhã

In front of a well-composed stadium, the Serranos stood out even more at the top of the group. João Vasco (70 minutes) and Pedro Casagrande (75 minutes, penalty) sealed the victory for Alex Costa’s team.

Oliveira do Hospital 0-3 Atlético CP

The Alcântara team continues the good momentum. And at Tábua he knew how to take advantage of the opponent’s defensive weaknesses to close out an important triumph. João Varudo (8 minutes), Balotelli (32) and Nego Tembeng (68 minutes) sealed the three points that left the Lisboners in second place.

Sporting B 2-1 Alverca

It’s one of those games where the best has been saved for last. Alverca’s ball hit the crossbar and led to a counterattack, completed by Rodrigo Ribeiro (24 minutes). The young lions had a golden chance to extend the result, but Luís Ribeiro saved Tiago Ferreira’s penalty (48 minutes)Jorge Bernardo (76 minutes)
showed more skill from the 11-meter mark and tied the match, in a move that resulted in an expulsion for each side: Chico Lamba and Khalid Hachadi. It was in the 90+5th minute that Bondo took off on the left and served Mauro Couto for a great goal.

Caldas SC 1-2 Pêro Pinheiro

It’s one of those games where effectiveness has been decided. Caldas dominated at Campo da Mata, but Pêro Pinheiro knew how to take advantage of the opportunities they had and sealed the victory in added time, with Sidney Osei coming off the bench to score the goal at 90+3 minutes.

Blackberry 0-2 1st December

The South Bank team is in decline. Rafa Pinto (52 minutes) and Diogo Castro (88 minutes) sealed Amora’s third consecutive defeat.