Plane crash. Nervous before the return of Poles from Germany

Plane crash. Nervous before the return of Poles from Germany

The Polish national team returned to the country from Euro 2024 later than initially expected. According to Przegląd Sportowy Onet, this was due to a plane failure that thwarted the plans of our staff and staff.

On Tuesday, the Polish national team played their farewell match for Euro 2024 . Our players faced the French and recorded a satisfactory result. The match with the world runners-up ended in a 1-1 draw. Unfortunately, after previous defeats 1:2 with the Netherlands and 1:3 with Austria, it was known that the Poles would finish their participation in this event already in the group phase.

The team, along with the staff and the PZPN board, went to the airport in Cologne immediately after the match, from where they flew to Chopin Airport in Warsaw. Although it was initially assumed that they would start their return journey at 11:15 p.m. and arrive in the capital around 1 a.m., this did not happen. All because of an unexpected delay .

According to Przegląd Sportowy Onet, it resulted from the failure of the plane on which Polish officials were supposed to fly from Dortmund. For this reason, Michał Probierz’s players  and the national team had to wait a little longer for the return journey. The plane from Cologne airport, which had all the planned passengers, took off only before one o’clock in the morning.

He landed in Warsaw at 2:30, i.e. one and a half hours later than planned. Our players were welcomed at the Chopin airport by crowds of fans who wanted to thank them for participating in the European Championships. Each of our representatives found a moment to take souvenir photos and exchange a few words, which was not the norm in previous years.

The events that took place after the World Cup in Qatar were certainly the most memorable for fans. Although the Poles managed to get out of the group, the atmosphere after this result was not the best. Some of the team members immediately went on vacation, and the rest, after returning to Poland, even fled from the fans and media through a military terminal.

Now the situation was completely different. Before the start of Euro 2024, Probierz had already announced that regardless of the result, there would be no escaping responsibility. And so it happened, which was a nod to the fans and a very nice change.