Sarri on Celtic: “It’s the least physical formation of the group, but it has a great intensity”

The Lazio manager projected the duel with Celtic to count for the 2nd round of the group stage of the Champions League.

After their Champions League opener draw against Atletico Madrid, Lazio need three points to fuel their hopes of advancing to the knockout stages.

Follow the main incidents of the match

After more than an hour of waiting for the start of the press conference (the checks at Glasgow airport took a long time and the team arrived late to the stadium), Sarri was finally able to give his opinion on the opponent: “It is the least physical formation of the group, but it has a great intensity and dynamism. We have to take the game seriously, as happened with Milan.”

The coach says he is bothered by the fact that a part of the press alters the content of his sentences: “Instrumentalization is reporting only a few words and not all. I say eight and they say two. From now on, instead of the eight words, they will only answer yes or no,” he said angrily, and then assured that tomorrow will not be the game with which he redeems himself from a mediocre start to the season: “It’s a story in itself. It’s the Champions League. We have to get results to be competitive until the end. If we succeed, we can get to the end.”

“It seems strange to say this, given the results, but in the group, there is a good atmosphere and a good attitude during the week. We are confident, but also worried because we can’t figure out what happened to us. I have an idea, but I say it to them, not to you (addressing journalists),” Sarri said.

The Captain’s Words

The Lazialese captain, Ciro Immobile, also spoke at the press conference, referring to the criticism he received in this period: “My brother and my wife were more hurt by this. They both care a lot about what I’ve done over the years. It seems impossible to me that the Lazio fans, the real supporters, can say anything negative against me.”

The goals will come back, says Immobile: “I scored a lot of goals, but I also lived through difficult moments; Thanks to the team, I know I’m going to get out of them. So when we create again, I’m sure I’ll be scoring goals again, and lots of them.”

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