Team Spirit are the champions of the spring finals of BLAST 2024! Grand final results

Team Spirit managed to lift the trophy by showing a confident performance in the grand final of BLAST Spring Final 2024 against Natus Vincere. The Best of 5 series ended after 4 maps, in which Spirit won with a score of 3:1, earned $200,000 and qualified for the BLAST Premier World Final 2024. Let’s take a look at the results of the grand final.

Results of the grand final BLAST Spring Final 2024

Team Spirit vs Natus Vincere

The first map of the confrontation was Ancient. Team Spirit started the attack powerfully and won the first half with a crushing score of 10:2. However, Natus Vincere showed a better attacking game, and despite the loss, the final score on Ancient was not so overwhelming.

On the second map, Natus Vincere did not have enough rounds in attack, and they had difficulties in defense. Spirit not only shot well, but were also tactically superior to the yellow-blacks, which pushed Donk and company one step away from the championship after the second map.

On Mirage, Team Spirit’s problems with attack appeared again. First they lost 10:2 against Team Vitality, and now they met with Natus Vincere with the same score. But, unlike the game with Vitality, they failed to close the gap, and the yellow-blacks defeated Team Spirit with a crushing score of 13:4.

On Nuke Natus Vincere won 5 rounds in attack, which should have been enough, but they were crushed in defense, and the B1ad3 team could only win 1 round in defense.