With Austria, we will have a show of blood, sweat and tears. Good luck

With Austria, we will have a show of blood, sweat and tears. Good luck

The bones will crack, the aggression will be greater than in the match against France, and Lewandowski will be immediately annihilated – this is what awaits us on Friday in the match between Poland and Austria. At 6 p.m. let’s get ready for the war for promotion.

The way the Austrians played against France was shocking. The fact that they play with this famous ultra-pressing technique, that it is effective – we knew. But that they would put so much pressure, chase, and not give the world runners-up a moment to breathe… They lost, but after an own goal, only 0:1.

For this, the Austrians sent off the field of world football stars, who left the field dripping with blood. Antoine Griezmann  , after being treated, returned with a bandaged head after being pushed violently into the advertising screens around the pitch. However, Kylian Mbappe  was unable to continue playing with a broken nose.

Let’s call it what it is: Monday’s match took place in a large ring shaped like a football field.

This is how this Austrian gang likes to fight: they take no prisoners, they go for what they want at all costs. But let’s be clear, it’s not just some Tyrolean lumberjacks who swing an ax without any particular flair, chopping left and right until chips fly. Well, Ralf Rangick’s players exchanged more passes between themselves (476 to 453) against a team that has possession of the ball in its DNA.

This and aggression make this team extremely dangerous. On Friday evening (6 p.m.), Poles will face an incredibly difficult task. How to take points away from such badasses, and preferably get the whole pool, because otherwise you will almost certainly have to start packing?

Jerzy Brzęczek , a former coach and footballer who once played in the Austrian league, says it directly: – You must respond to aggression with aggression!

Our reporter during the German Euro 2024,  Mateusz Skwierawski, went to the Austrian camp. During the press conference, the rival goalkeeper was at least surprised when he described the match against the French as just an ordinary match and immediately added that the real fight would be on Friday, against Poland. As if the French blood shed a few days earlier meant nothing. And at the end he said that there would be a lot of duels in Berlin. Not any dribbles, but “body to body” ones.

And in a moment, another player told the representative of 100percentsurewins that they were most afraid of Lewandowski and his “brutal effectiveness”. So – he made it clear – if Michał Probierz sends our super shooter into battle, the Austrians will do everything to effectively annihilate him as quickly as possible. That is – read – foul him sharply, collide with him with force, eliminate him somehow.

There’s no need to do magic, we’re going to have a knife fight, and whoever puts his foot down first will die. And their rivals don’t like to give up, they are second after the first round of matches in terms of the number of fouls (18), they earned five yellow cards in 90 minutes, they successfully took the ball away from their opponents 27 times… the list could go on for a long time.

“Against Poland we are playing a match for everything, like a final,” coach Ralf Rangnick clearly stated.

Fortunately, Wojciech Szczęsny says that his colleagues know this. – I – added our goalkeeper at the press conference in Berlin – care a little less about what this match will look like. I just want to win this match.

Enough of these curses about losing the first match, the second match for everything and the last match for honor. After all, these are just meaningless sayings that need to be thrown into the trash at some point. Preferably today after the match at 8 p.m.