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Ice hockey is  a sport widely practiced and admired in different regions of our planet, especially in Europe and North America. Although the largest and most famous ice hockey sports league takes place in the United States, the  NHL (National Hockey League) , which is one of the main sports brands on the planet, there are several other sports leagues around the world that deserve to be highlighted and mentioned.

Therefore, as already mentioned, the vast majority of these leagues occur and develop in Canada and Europe, where the sport is widely spread and practiced in many countries. Some of the  European leagues worth highlighting take place in  Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, among others. These countries mentioned have a broad tradition in the sport, with their national teams performing well in international competitions, as well as their national leagues having the highest technical level, leaving nothing to be desired compared to the NHL.

With all this  success of the sport in Europe and the rest of the world , great betting opportunities arise and appear  , which will be a daily subject of our analyzes and  betting tips  here on the website. In this way, we will be, daily, looking for  profitable betting opportunities  to pass on to our readers.

Having made this brief introduction to the sport and the  main European and Canadian leagues , let’s move on to our  betting tip  for a match valid for the  World Championship, the elite international ice hockey league . The match takes place this Wednesday, May 15th of this year, with a scheduled start time of 11:20 am, Brasília time. The match pits the German team  against the  Latvian team face to face  . The match is valid for the  group stage  of the prestigious world competition, which brings together the best teams on the planet. The  main bookmakers  around the world attribute  favoritism to the Germany team , which seems coherent to us, given the current situation of both teams. Finally, taking into account all the data and information available before the match, the general and recent history of both teams, their individual and collective values, motivations for the competition, list of possible and probable absences, our  betting tip  is for  victory of the German national team. Betting tip: Germany team victory @1.75 –

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