State Budget expenditure for sport set at 50.3 million euros

The Government has set the amount of expenditure in the sports sector for 50 at 3.2024 million euros (ME), according to the report accompanying the State Budget proposal (OE2024), delivered this Tuesday in the Assembly of the Republic.

This figure represents an increase of 5.6 million euros compared to 2023, maintaining the trend shown since 2020, the first year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but only 300 thousand euros above the amount stipulated in 2019.

The Government continues to strengthen Portugal’s role in the international sporting context and in a year that will be the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. For the Olympic and Paralympic preparation, the improvement of national and international competitive preparation programs contributes to the commitment to promoting the reconciliation of sports success with academic success“, can be read in the report that accompanies the OE2024.

The reinforcement of policies to promote integrity, sporting truth, ethics and values of sport is also a bet, with emphasis on the fight against doping, for the new legal mechanisms that will enhance the action of the Authority for the Prevention and Combat of Violence in Sport.

The National Platform to Combat the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, framed in the approval of the Legal Regime for the Integrity of Sport and the Fight against Unsporting Behaviour, as well as the Legal Regime for Sports Societies, will also be in focus, as well as the protection of children and young people in sport.

It is also planned that initiatives to affirm the representation of women in many areas of sport will be promoted, following the presentation of the recommendations of the Working Group on Gender Equality in Sport.

With the reform of school sports, the Government also intends to guarantee all school-age children and young people a greater offer of cohesive and structured sports modalities and opportunities.

The reinforcement of the participation of students in school sports activities, including the increase in the female participation rate and adapted sport, will benefit from greater synergy with the competitive frameworks of the federated sports system, in terms of school insurance, and from the multi-annual contracting of team groups, articulated with the local sports development strategy of the communities.

In other highlights of the proposal, the implementation of the Universal Active Life Support System, financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), will enhance the generalization of the regular practice of physical activity at different ages and contexts, while, by supporting clubs and associations, the Sports Facilities Rehabilitation Program will contribute to the renovation, Rehabilitation, and conservation of the National Sports Park

The Government delivered today in the Assembly of the Republic the proposal for the State Budget for 2024 (OE2024), which will be discussed and voted on in general on October 30 and 31, with the final global vote scheduled for November 29.