Up to PLN 120 million! Huge bonuses for Euro 2024 participants

Up to PLN 120 million! Huge bonuses for Euro 2024 participants

Euro 2024 is starting, and with it a chance for huge bonuses, which the Polish national team will also fight for. You can raise over PLN 120 million from the pitch!

By qualifying for the final tournament (after winning the play-off against Wales on penalties), the Reds and Whites secured EUR 9.25 million for participation in the group stage. This means that the Polish Football Association will definitely receive the equivalent of almost PLN 40 million.

But this is just the beginning. UEFA has planned large bonuses for teams that achieve good results in Germany.

Each victory in the group stage is worth EUR 1 million, and each draw – EUR 0.5 million. For getting out of the group and advancing to the 1/8 finals, you can earn another PLN 1.5 million in EU currency.

Participation in the quarterfinals will be worth EUR 2.5 million, qualifying for the semi-finals – EUR 4 million, and playing in the final will be worth an additional EUR 5 million (in case of defeat) or EUR 8 million (for winning the main trophy).

Fortune for the best

These rates mean that with all group wins and then successful passage through the knockout phase to the European Championship, you can collect a staggering EUR 28.25 million, which at the current exchange rate is almost PLN 122 million!

The Polish national team will start the fight in Euro 2024 on Sunday at 15.00, when they will face the Netherlands at the stadium in Hamburg (broadcast on TVP 1, TVP Sport and WP Pilot, text coverage on WP SportoweFakty).

Later, Michał Probierz’s team will play against Austria (21/06) and France (25/06).

As determined by WP SportoweFakty, the players will receive 40% of the gratuities that will be transferred from UEFA to the PZPN account. This is the result of the agreement reached by the team council with representatives of the federation.

Bonuses for Euro 2024 :

Stage Rate
Participation in the group stage €9.25 million
– victory in the group stage €1.0 million
– draw in the group stage €0.5 million
advancement to the 1/8 finals €1.5 million
advancement to the quarterfinals €2.5 million
advancement to the semi-finals €4.0 million
advancing to the finals and losing €5.0 million
advancing to the final and winning €8.0 million