Vítor Campelos: «We want to play a good game and get the three points»

Gil Vicente’s coach reached 100 wins against Casa Pia and was surprised by the club’s general director

Vítor Campelos will face a «special game» against a club for whom he has «a special affection». Even so, the Gil Vicente coach wants to «continue what the team has been doing well» and, if possible, «win the three points».

In the preview of this Saturday’s match in Chaves, Vítor Campelos was surprised by the general director, Tiago Lenho, with a commemorative jersey of his 100 victories as head coach, a number achieved against Casa Pia.

As for the game, the coach recalled that it will be «very competitive» and that, therefore, «it will have to be a very focused Gil Vicente and connected to the game from the first minute». “During the week we train well, and the players are confident. We have to be happy with a lot of the things we’ve been doing, but our path is to improve with each game and we want to continue the good things we’ve been doing.”

For the coach, the time to face the Flavian team is not the best. «Chaves had some changes, we also had and, at the beginning of the championship, we played with teams that already had the process consolidated. At the beginning of the season, this brings advantages. If we had played earlier against Chaves we could have had more advantage because, with each passing week, the players are more connected, but it is the moment that is», he acknowledges.

In a difficult stadium, but one that he knows well and where he has spent the last two and a half years – «I was very well received» -, Vítor Campelos says that his team is already used to more difficult environments. “We have to put into practice what we have worked on and we want to play a good game and, if possible, get the three points. With Casa Pia, we played 30/35 minutes at a high level, but each game has its own story. Although Chaves plays in the same system, it can have different nuances and we are aware of that», he concludes.