Germany is preparing for an armed conflict with Russia, – Bild

Germany is preparing for an armed conflict with Russia. This “follows from a secret document” of the country’s Ministry of Defense, – Bild.

As early as February of this year, there may be a possible escalation of relations between NATO and Russia. This is a training scenario that describes step-by-step how Putin will act and how NATO will have to defend itself. In this scenario of the Bundeswehr, the escalation will begin in just a few weeks. Soon after, tens of thousands of German soldiers will have to be sent into battle.

According to the scenario:

  • Russia launches a wave of mobilization and conscripts another 200 thousand people into the army in February 2024;
  • in the spring, the Kremlin will launch a large-scale offensive in Ukraine and, against the backdrop of insufficient support from the West, will defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine until June 2024;
  • Further, according to the scenario, the Russian Federation provokes aggression against ethnic Russian minorities in the Baltics. Clashes will begin and the Russian Federation will conduct a major Zapad 2024 exercise involving 50,000 soldiers;
  • in October 2024, the Russian Federation will transfer troops and medium-range missiles to Kaliningrad in order to strike at the Suwalki corridor;
  • In December, after the U.S. election, there could be border conflict and unrest;
  • in January 2025, Poland and the Baltic countries will convene a meeting of the NATO Council and declare the growing threat from the Russian Federation, which will deploy additional troops to Belarus and the Baltic borders in March;
  • in May 2025, NATO will decide on “credible deterrence measures” to prevent a Russian attack on the Suwalki Corridor from two sides – Belarus and Kaliningrad;
  • On “Day X,” according to a secret Bundeswehr document, the NATO commander-in-chief orders the deployment of 300,000 troops, including 30,000 Bundeswehr troops, to the eastern flank.

This is not some kind of intelligence, but just a scenario that will be considered as a “legend” of the 2024 NATO exercises, during which they will work out the repulsion of a hypothetical Russian attack in the Suwalki corridor area.