Kevin Prince Boateng’s big lie when he was signed by Barcelona

Kevin Prince Boateng, withdrawn from professional football since last summer, has confessed to lying when he signed for Barcelona. His justification for betraying himself was that he did so “in order to be able to play”.

It never went unnoticed. For the quality, for the family controversies, for the hairstyles… The Ghanaian striker said in a podcast hosted by fellow retired footballer Rio Ferdinand that he was forced to tell “one of the biggest lies of my life” when he arrived at Barca.

“I was immediately asked who was the best player in the world. I had to say it was Lionel Messi, I lied because it was the only way I could play,” he confessed years later, admitting that, in his opinion, the best was “Cristiano Ronaldo, I love him.”

But there’s more. Kevin Prince Boateng, who also defended the colors of UD Las Palmas, assured that, as a young man, “I always supported Real Madrid. I feel sorry for the Barca fans.”