New case at Juventus: Fagioli investigated for illegal betting

The midfielder’s name has been on the investigation log since 30 August. In case of infringement, the penalty is an inhibition or suspension of up to three years, plus a fine of 25,000 euros.

Just a few weeks after Paul Pogba’s doping case, a new investigation is once again rocking Juventus.

According to La Stampa newspaper, Nicolò Fagioli is being investigated by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office for betting on an unlicensed online platform.

Apart from the illegality of the site (a secondary problem, which can be solved with a fine), the real problem lies in the fact that an athlete registered in a federation cannot, under any circumstances, place bets on events of his competitive discipline, not even in categories other than his own.

Prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné’s priority will be to check which sporting events the midfielder has bet on, and whose lawyers were notified of the Turin prosecutor’s investigation on August 30.

An earthquake that could spread like wildfire among Serie A clubs, since, according to rumors, Fagioli is not the only one to have used the site.

What Fagioli risks

According to the Code of Sports Justice, “it is forbidden for subjects of the federal system, managers, members and members of clubs belonging to the professional sector to make or accept bets, directly or indirectly, even from persons authorized to receive them, which have as their object results relating to official matches organized within the scope of the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA”.

In the event of an infringement, the sanction provided for is an inhibition or suspension of up to three years, in addition to a fine starting at 25,000 euros.