TENNIS DE TABLE – AFRIQUE ZONE EST – Hanitra et Fabio se parent d’or

Table tennis: Madagascar takes a hat-trick at the East African Championships in Cairo, Egypt. In addition to the team gold, Fabio and Hanitra Karen added two others, in individual events.

Lined in gold. Malagasy table tennis players confirmed their supremacy at the East African Championships, in individual events, in Cairo, Egypt.

The men’s final was an affair between Malagasy players. The reigning champion, Fabio Rakotoarimanana confirms against his compatriot Antoine Razafinarivo, with a score of 4 to 1 (14/12 5/11 11/2 12/10 14/12). Fabio defeated Ugandan Samuel Ankunda 4-1 last night in the semi-final (11/7 11/5 3/11 11/5 11/7). He defeated the Djiboutian Abdourazak Abdallah Bourhan (4-0) in the quarter-finals, after dismissing the Rwandan Patrick Masengesho (4-0) in the round of 16.

His runner-up, Antoine, defeated Ugandan Jonathan Senyonga 4/1 (11/1 11/6 11/3 8/11 11/9) in the semi-finals. In the quarters, he beat another Ugandan, Joseph Sebastindira (4-1), after his clear victory against the Kenyan Immanuel Wanjala (4-0).

The title holder, Hanitra Karen Raharimanana, also retained her coronation by winning 4 to 1 (9/11 11/7 11/6 11/5 12/10) against Ugandan Judith Nangouzi. In the semi-finals, Hanitra Karen beat Ugandan Jemimah Nakawala yesterday in seven sets 4-3 (8/11 14/12 4/11 17/19 11/7 11/7 11/9) . In the quarters, she dismissed the Ugandan Patra Nasirumbi (4-0) without forcing too much. In the eighth, she beat Rwandan Chantal Hirwa (4-0).

Continental ticket

The other two players from the Big Island failed in the quarter-finals. The local player, Zo Razafindralambo lost to Ugandan Jonathan Senyonga 1-4 (12/11 9/11 7/11 5/11 8/11). He again dominated Rwandan Francois Ishimwe (4-0) in the round of 16. The expatriate, Stephen Ravonison, for his part, was no match for the Ugandan Samuel Ankunda 0-4 (6/11 10/12 7/11 10/12) after dismissing the Ugandan Ebenzer in the round of 16 Benjamin Achuma (4-1).

The other three girls were eliminated in the round of 16. Tina Andriatahina lost to Ugandan Judith Nangonzi 0-4 (6/11 6/11 4/11 2/11). Fara Jaoferson was beaten 1-4 (5/11 5/11 11/8 4/11 7/11) by Rwandan Hervine Tumunkunde. And Rotsy Razafimahatratra lost to Ugandan Patra Nasirumbi 0-4 (6/11 6/11 9/11 1/11).

In addition to the coronations delighted by the table tennis players of the Big Island, both the men’s team and the women’s team, as well as four men and four players, are qualified for the continental championships, from October 12 to 19 in Ethiopia.