RUGBY – AFRICA WOMEN’S CUP – The Ladies Makis sharpen their weapons

Nine days before the start of the Africa Women’s Cup rugby union, which Madagascar will host from May 4 to 12, at the Makis Andohatapenaka stadium, the preparation of the Malagasy national team is accelerating, with two training sessions per day, in the morning and the afternoon.

Under the direction of coaches Alain Randriamihaja and Noé Mboazafy known as coach Razily, the members of the national team wet their jerseys without restraint, on the annexed field of the Makis Andohatapenaka stadium. Because the objective of the stakeholders is, obviously, to obtain a ticket for the 2025 World Cup.

The Ladies Makis’ day, in blocked training, begins with bodybuilding from 5:30 a.m., followed by breakfast at 7:30 a.m., and a ninety-minute break before the start of physical training. , at 9 o’clock. Training ends around 10 a.m.

In the afternoon, training focuses on rugby itself. All attack strategies, defense, touch, and scrum are scrutinized and, for each flaw noted, everything has to be redone.

New faces

“We are in the home stretch of our preparation. The work focuses on specific preparation, i.e. speed and rapid circulation of the ball. Afterward, we enter into sharpening, the objective of which is to eliminate the fatigue accumulated during preparation in order to achieve optimal performance. Compared to last year, we are better armed because we followed the regulations well, especially the management of the ball on the ground,” confides Alain Randriamihaja.

The latter continues: “Eighty-five percent of last year’s workforce is still present. New faces have arrived. To put all the chances on our side to participate in the World Cup, the first match against Kenya is decisive and we will do everything to win. We need the help of the public, from the beginning until the final whistle. »

Three executives from the Malagasy national team gave their opinions on what awaits them soon. They are unanimous in announcing that the objective is to win at least the two matches against Kenya and Cameroon.

Fenitriniaina Hanta Razafindramanga, the player, explains: “We are physically ready. Many corrections have been made compared to last year. »

Claudia Rasoarimalala, captain of the national team last year, for her part, is confident. “We have a great chance to win the match against Kenya and Cameroon playing at home. Playing the match at home is a great advantage to take advantage of. We intend to take our revenge against the Kenyans with the support of the public. »

As for Valisoa Erickah Razanakiniaina, another player, made a promise: “Personally, I am ready to give the best of myself and my teammates are too. Our first objective is to win the first match against Kenya. »