Who is Bryan Zaragoza? Spain’s new star that could surprise Europe

Bryan Zaragoza, Granada’s 22-year-old winger, is the big news in De la Fuente’s squad for the Spain national team. Until a few weeks ago, he was an unknown, even to the average football fan in Spain.

Bryan Zaragoza is a different player. A neighborhood footballer, as he likes to define himself, who likes dribbling and spontaneity, far from the tactics and excessive control and data collection that characterize modern football.

Born in Malaga in 2001, Bryan began to shine in his hometown neighborhood teams. He took his first steps in Tiro de Pichón and later signed for Conejito. There, he was discovered by Granada, who loaned him to CD Ejido.

Subsequently, he went on to play in the reserve team of the Nazaré club, Recreativo Granada, before making his debut in the first team in 2021, in a Cup match against Laguna.

Key player at Granada

Last season, he was a key player in Granada’s return to La Liga. But it was at the beginning of the 2023/2024 season that he asserted himself. For starters, in the goals department. Bryan Zaragoza has scored five goals in just two months of competition, a tally he achieved all of last season in a lower division. But he was also the best player in the match against Barcelona, scoring two goals and almost scoring the third, if it wasn’t for the crossbar getting in the way.

He’s only 1.64m tall, but he makes up for it with his ability to take on opponents and a powerful long-range shot. Now, he is making a dream come true by making his debut for Spain.

Accustomed to starting on the left flank, he has a lot of competition in the position, but nothing scares him. His career is just beginning and he can only set the limits.

Bryan Zaragoza's numbers
Bryan Zaragoza’s numbers