Pureplay Football League : La phase finale « Play-offs » reportée

An important decision has been made regarding the 2024 Madagascar Pureplay Football League (PFL) championship, which is currently in its final “play-offs” phase.

Despite the calendars established by the organizer of the competition, the Malagasy Football Federation (FMF) issued an official letter addressed to Henintsoa Rakotoarimanana, president of the Association of Elite Football Clubs of Madagascar (CFEM), announcing the postponement of the matches scheduled for April 28, 2024.

This decision follows a request from the president of the FMF Disciplinary Commission, following reservations received by the body. In accordance with the provisions of Article 40, paragraph 1.M of the Statute of the Malagasy Football Federation, the Executive Committee has decided to postpone the matches concerned.

“Some clubs spent money on preparation and were traveling to play the Sunday match. However, the matches were suspended at a later date. Where are these clubs going and will there be refunds? », asks the president of the CFEM. Reacting quickly, the CFEM informed PFL members and supporters of this decision in a press release.

They stressed that this postponement was in no way the result of their will, expressing their understanding of the inconvenience this could cause. In their communication, they assured that they are actively working to find a solution that suits all parties concerned, while respecting the values ​​and ethics of sport.

They also promised to keep them informed of any further developments regarding the new deadline dates. This decision underlines the importance of cooperation between football governance bodies in Madagascar and highlights the commitment of stakeholders to guarantee the smooth running of the championship in compliance with standards and regulations.